There’s an App for that!

If you own a Hot Spring Spa, did you know that there’s a way to keep you in touch with your spa even when you’re not home.

Hot Spring Spas has come up with NEW Connextion which allows you to stay in touch with your hot tub from anywhere and at anytime. With the subscription service you have real-time information about the tub’s functions and it will even send alerts to us, if there’s ever an issue.


Here’s some of the features that come with the NEW Connextion app:

1. You can lock your hot tub against unathourized users.

2. You can monitor the conditions of the filters as well as the tub active features.

3. You can adjust the temperature of the water so that the moment you get home the tub is ready for you to soak. How nice is that.

4. You can manage the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System.

5. You can start the clean-up cycle.

It’s like having someone there taking care of your tub!