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ACE Salt Water Care System


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By switching to the ACE System, your spa water will last longer which means you don’t have to drain and refill your spa every 3-4 month each year. With proper care it means that the drain and refill can be done every 12 months…you’ve got to love that. As you know changing your hot tub water takes time and energy (which means you’re using 75% less water. Good for the environment and your pocketbook). Now, you might be wondering how can that be? That’s because ACE uses salt to generate

oxygen which destroys the impurities in water. Basically, it takes the bad stuff out and puts the good stuff in.

Here are 3 reasons for why you should switch:

1. The water looks cleaner, it removes the cloudiness look.

2. The water smells and feels cleaner.

3. And of course, the BIG reasons…water lasts longer.


(The ACE Salt Water System is designed to work with Hot Spring Spa, only. If you own an older model there’s a retrofit so that you can switch to this system.)