Alaska State Fair

It’s finally here!

Can you believe that we have already completed the first weekend of the Alaska State Fair?  Where has this summer gone and why is the rain here? Ok, we get it, fair season has a lot of rain!  We’re Alaskans, we can deal with it.

If you haven’t had a chance to come out to the fair, you should!  The Waterworks is offering great deals on all hot tubs and accessories that could save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Can’t seem to find us?  No problem! we have two booths, one on the purple trail and one on the red trail.  The easiest one to find will be on the red trail because all you have to do is look for our giant yellow rubber duck!  The Caldera Spas booth on the purple trail is unlike other booths as we have windows that give it a nice homey feel.  Make sure you stop by when you come out to the fair.

Stay cool (future) hot tubbers!