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Great Water Care = Great Spa Experience
Use our handy reference guide to help maintain your hot tub’s water care. Follow the basic steps or use our free personalized water care service.
Shower Before Use
Shower before soaking – This helps reduce body oils in the hot tub.
Test Often
Test your sanitizes before and after use. Also check Alkalinity and pH weekly.
Clean your filters
Whether you clean or replace your filters, do this at least every month.
Drain and Refill
Drain and refill your tub at least every 3 months.
Get a clean start
Deep clean, drain and refill your tub yearly
Have Questions?
For more information read the detailed Water Care Guide below or call our Water Care Specialist for free personalized water care class. 1-800-478-3848

Easy Hot Tub Water Care

Water care doesn’t have to feel like rocket science!

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Follow these basic water care tips to keep your spa running great and clear, which everyone appreciates!

Hot Tub Water Care Guide:

    1. Shower before soaking – This helps reduce body oils in the hot tub.

      💧Showering helps reduce the amount of sanitizer needed. Your filters will thank you!

    2. Know when to test your sanitizers – Hint: It’s always before and after use.

      💧 Check your sanitizer each time you use your hot tub.
      💧 Normal range of chlorine should be between 3-5 ppm.
      💧 If low, add the appropriate amount of sanitizer, run jets for 10 minutes & test again.

    3. Test water for Alkalinity and pH

      💧Use test strips to check for Alkalinity and then pH.
      💧Use Spa Up or Spa Down accordingly to adjust levels. Always add chemistry in the filter area with jets on. Water care products take 12-24 hours to affect spa water.
      💧 Test water again after 24 hours, adjust if necessary.
      💧 Use test strips to test Calcium Hardness.
      💧 If water is soft, add Calcium Booster.
      💧If water is hard, treat weekly with Spa Defender or Stain and Scale.

    4. Clean filters regularly – Clean and reuse your filters or use brand new filters.

      💧If you have Tri-X filters click here.
      💧To clean filters – Use Leisure Time “Instant Cartridge Cleaner” for a filter refresher or for a more serious lean dilute ½ cup of “TSP/90” (Trisodium Phosphate) to 5 gallons of hot water and soak filters for at least 2 hours. Overnight is ideal.
      💧Use a pressure washer to rinse out filters well. Be sure to spray about 1-2 feet from filter.
      (Filters can last 2-4 years if maintained properly.)

    5. Drain and Refill – Drain the water from your hot tub then refill it.

      💧 To drain your tub, always power off your tub first.
      💧 Clean filters using Leisure Time “Filter Clean,” a heavy duty degreaser and demineralizer.
      💧 Wipe out, then polish spa shell using “Gel Gloss.”
      💧 Use “Aerospace 303 Protectant” on the Cover and composite cabinets. This provides SPF protection and ensures longevity. Check cover for punctures or rips. If cores are getting too heavy to lift, order a second set. Ask a sales associate for details.
      💧Upon refill, add a bottle of “Metal Gon” when spa has 6” of water in it. (Always put hose into the filter area when refulling the spa.)
      💧Once filled, add a shock amount fo chlorine to tub so water will be sanitised and ready for use once heated. Run jets up to 2 hours.
      💧After tub has heated up, test pH and Alkalinity and adjust accordingly.
      💧Get in and Enjoy! (Can you say SPAAAAAHHHHHHHH!)
    6. Clean Start – This is a deep cleaning of your hot tub from “head to toe.”
      💧 You should also perform a Clean Start if:
      💧 There are organic containments in your spa (seen as white floating particulates)
      💧 You have just “inherited” a spa
      💧 Foreign substance(s) are found in your spa (Ex: You are converting from a peroxide based system to a chlorine system.)

      💧 To perform a Clean Start

      💧 Tub should be full of warm water
      💧 Remove Filters
      💧 Add required amount of Spa Flush to your spa
      💧 Run jets for a minimum of 2 hours with jet diverter(s) in various positions to allow product to reach all pipes
      💧 Let sit overnight if possible before draining
      💧 Run jets for 20 minutes after letting sit to stir up any substance that may have settled.
      💧 Drain your tub completely.
      💧 A rinse cycle may be necessary, depending on type and amount of substance that product removes from your system.  (Refill, run jets for 30 minutes, and redrain)
      💧 Refill/Reset your tub following the Drain and Refill.
      💧 Put in “fresh” filters (either clean or new filters)

    7.  Enjoy!💧 Using your hot tub is the ultimate goal but frequent use has the added benefit maintaining your hot tub’s water care!

Have questions? Call us for free personalized water care service! 1-800-478-3848



Great Water Care = Great Spa Experience!

Use this handy reference guide to help
maintain your hot tub’s water care.

Follow the basic steps , follow the detailed instructions above or call our free personalized water care service! 1-800-478-3848


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