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Hot Tub Cover Maintenance

With the recent high winds in Anchorage, we felt that it is a great time to talk about our spa covers.  
Many of you know the importance of maintaining your hot tub cover (and using it!) but there are some of us who just don’t know! Well, we want to educate you with some simple yet worthwhile knowledge!

What Do They Do?

First you need to know what the hot tub cover does.  Obviously it keeps all foreign materials out of your hot tub.  No one likes hopping in with dead bugs, leaves or other trash that might happen to fall in.  This will pollute your water and it could possibly damage or shorten the life of your filters.

Did you know that a hot tub cover can save you money and time?  Think about it, it’s so much easier (and less expensive) to keep your hot tub at temp with a cover on rather than heating it up every time you want to use it.  The cover is meant to retain the heat so you can retain your money in heat up costs.


Next, you’ll need to know how to maintain your cover so that you get the most efficient use out of it.

The cleaning and conditioning of your  cover is important to the health and longevity of it.  You should rinse off your cover at least once a month (sometimes more if it needs it).  Once it’s been cleaned off you’ll want to use a vinyl protectant.  This will help repel the dirt and grime as well as add a nice sheen.

Maybe twice a year you’ll want to thoroughly check the vinyl for any sort of rips, nicks or tears.  If you notice some, simply use a vinyl repair kit.  If you have something major, just hit us up at

One of the biggest things you can do to help the longevity of your tub is to actually take the cover off.  The majority of the time, replacement of covers is because of the chemical damage.  There is a gap between your cover and the surface of the water that accumulates humid air. That air builds up with chemical gasses from the tub and those gasses can eat away at the underside of your cover.  Now chemicals are needed to keep your hot tub clean but if you keep the cover off at least an hour a week, you should be able to keep your cover in top shape.  If you use your hot tub regularly, this will not be necessary as it’s offgassing as you treat yourself.

If you need any help with hot tub maintenance or repair, we are more than willing to help.
Hope this helps everyone out, stay cool hot tubbers!