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Free Saltwater Upgrade

Free One Year Supply of Salt Cartridges
Highlife Jetsetter:
  • Seating for 3
  • 22 jets
  • Open seating
  • Foot well jets
  • 7′ x 5’5″ x 33″ 2.13m x 1.65cm x 0.84m

Limelight Pulse:

  • Seating for 7
  • 49 jets
  • Open seating
  • Foot well jets
  • 7’5″ x 7’5″ x 38″/2.26m x 2.26m x 0.97m
  • 445 Gallons/1,685 liters

Jetsetter LX

Limelight Pulse

Free Saltwater Supplies*

For a limited time, get a free one year supply of salt cartridges with the purchase of FreshWater Salt System. Call us to learn terms and conditions that apply or click here to learn the benefits of a freshwater Salt System.

*Terms and conditions apply