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Ahhhh…for hydromassage!


Maybe you had a rough day at work, or your muscles are tight from a hard workout. When you step into your spa and turn your jets on, 3 major factors happen to help you relieve all that tension: heat, buoyancy and massage. Working together they create an amazing relaxing hydromassage experience.


The 104 temperature of the water raises your body temperature as well as increasing your circulation.


When you step into your hot tub you’re reducing your body weight is reduced by 90%* thanks to buoyancy. The weightlessness relieves pressure on muscles and joints causing a very relaxing sensation.


The relaxing massage of the jets will give you relief to the tense muscles and joints, decrease anxiety and temporarily relief to your aches and pains.


*The 90% body reduction is if you are immersed to neck-dept.