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More Health Benefits to Hot Tubbing

Spending time in your hot tub has become more than a luxury this days but a highly pleasurable experience with several health benefits, too. Plus you’re probably the envy of the neighborhood. 

Here’s 5 reasons soaking is highly beneficial for your health and well-being.

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When you step into a hot tub the heat of the water increases your heart rate and circulation. By doing this regularly you will strengthen your heart and who doesn’t want a stronger hearth.


Muscle Health

The combination of warm water and jets will relax and massage your muscles in much the same way that a massage can. If you’ve had a hard workout there’s no better way to recover from the soar muscles than with a hot soak. It will relax your sore muscles and help you avoid possible injuries and pulled muscles.


Mental Health

We all need a little ‘me’ time. Sitting in your hot tub allows you to unplug from the world. By reducing the stress hormones in your body you’re allowing your psychological and physical health to take time out you’re helping yourself strengthening your immune system and avoiding possible colds or other problems.


Weight Loss

You maybe wondering how can soaking help with weight loss, it’s all in the heath of the water. When you step into a hot tub, the warm water starts to increase your body’s energy output because the body is trying to keep you cool. Hot tubbing should not replace working out but it can help you burn a few extra calories by just sitting and relaxing.


Healthier Looking Skin

The warmth of the tub causes you to perspire, and when that occurs what your body is doing is getting rid of toxins from your skin. So if you’re skin tone and appearance seems better, it is and all thanks to sweating.;)


Happy Soaking!

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