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Tubbing in hot days to stay cool!

blue topAs we Alaskan are not used to this hot summer days, the idea of going for a soak may seem not the thing to do.

But as crazy and contradicting as it may sound, your hot tub can help you stay cool during our warm days. Make sure to turn your spa temperature to 99-100 and then all you have to do is enjoy your soak. And, because the temperature isn’t so hot you’ll be able to stay longer than usual.

When you’ll get out you’ll be amazed on how great and refreshed you will feel…and for hours. It works much better and it’s more effective than a shower because you’re heating your body for an extended period of time. You’ll be amazed how cool you’ll feel!

As always, make sure to stay hydrated (by drinking plenty of water before and after you soak). And since the sun is out don’t forget the sunscreen.