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10 Winter Tips for Hot Tub Care

Winter Care Tips | Keep you hot tub hot! The Waterworks Alaskaspa.com

Winter Care Details

  1.  Clean your filters!
    Dirty filters can restrict flow and cause poor circulation. Dirty filters can be a large contributor to hot tub issues. Prevention and maintenance can be a huge money saver!
  2.  Keep your heat up!
    You may be tempted to turn your thermostat down but don’t! 104 F is the perfect temp to ensure your outside hot tub stays warm and toasty.
    Changing the temp up and down will not save energy but increase your consumption it as you attempt to regulate the temps back to normal range.
  3.  Keep your circulation going.
    Check that you have circulation on a regular basis. Programming your filter/heat cycles can help as well. Circulation will help move warm water through the tub and help check that your tub is functioning properly.
  4.  Use tie down straps for high wind.
    If you’re in an area with high winds, make sure you keep your cover from blowing off. Have an extra set of tie down straps around just in case. Without a cover, your hot tub is at risk for debris and getting too cold!
  5.  Regular use.
    Regularly using and performing your usual water care routine can help avoid future issues. Check and clean or replace those filters!
  6.  Clean off your cover.
    Clear off snow and debris off your cover and use a protectant regularly. Snow can build up and melt creating a messy situation if it freezes over the edges!
  7.  Use a spa blanket.
    While your cover can help keep your hot tub staying warm, a spa blanket can be an extra blanket of heat security for your tub. (See what we did there?)
  8.  External Protection
    Consider blocking wind with a privacy panel or small fence. If you have to use an external heater, call our Service Department that you are using the proper wattage and area setting.
  9.  Check your water levels.
    Low water levels may cause the pumps and heater to stop working, which will result in a frozen hot tub.
  10.  Check your filters!
    We can’t stress this enough! It is vital to regularly check your filters and do water care!

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