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How has the pandemic affected hot tubs? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Back in March, when we started to shut down because of the pandemic, we all thought it would be short term. Clearly, that’s not the case!

And, it’s led to some very interesting trends in homeownership and vacationing. Now that as we’re all spending more time at home, we’re investing those vacation budgets into our homes to craft spaces where we enjoy spending time. For many Alaskans, that means purchasing a hot tub.

So if a hot tub is on your shortlist, you are in fabulous company, here in Alaska, but also across the country!​​

As a result, we have a whole list of frequently asked questions focusing on how the pandemic has affected hot tub purchases.

Can I buy a hot tub right now?

Yes, you can! Based on demand, you can purchase now so you can start getting your space ready for delivery mid-winter. Not to worry, the best hot tubbing happens on chilly winter nights…and we deliver all winter long.

Why is it taking so long?

Longer order times are due to pandemic. First, the shutdowns in March and April included factory shutdowns. The supply chain has seen some changes too, which means that sometimes there’s a longer lead time on essential parts.

Secondly, everyone is at home, using that vacation money on their hot tubs.  So demand is up just as supply has a longer lead time, plus, there’s also the Alaska shipping factor. We are committed to delivering the same experience in winter and summer alike.

Our longtime friend Scott Iverson with Watkins Wellness is here to show you how the sausage…aka your hot tub…is made.

Why should I buy a hot tub now?

Most hot tub owners aren’t quite ready for their hot tub at the time of purchase. This, coupled with the increased lead time means that now is the perfect time to purchase your hot tub, so that when it arrives, you’re ready for it, and you get the hot tub you want.

How can I reserve my hot tub?

Contact us today to set up a private appointment to determine what you want. To reserve your hot tub, we’re requesting a deposit, and then the balance won’t be due until we’re ready for delivery.

What if I change my mind?

We will work with you based on your needs. At this time, we’re offering full refunds less an admin fee. Just let us know of any questions!

​​So how do I get started?

Contact us today. Book your private experience here.


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