First snow of the season!

winter is comingWith rain turning into snow this week, it’s was beautiful to wake up to a winter wonderland. This also means that winter is coming. One thing is for sure, there’s nothing you can do about that. However, there are a few steps you can take so the cold doesn’t damage your hot tub which often can result in very costly repairs.



Change the water

You still have time but don’t put it off to long before it gets too cold. We recommend doing a complete water change of your spa and then clean it thoroughly. The 2 reasons for the change of water now and not putting it off till the middle of winter are: 1. you are making sure that your hot tub is working properly (especially if you didn’t use it much during our warm summer); and 2. you don’t end up having to spend any more time outside caring for you spa while it’s cold. Easier to do any maintenance when we’re still having mid 40s temps during the daytime.


Is your cover ready for another winter?

Since most of your temperature loss takes place at the surface of the water, be sure to check your hot tub cover for rips or snags. And that your cover is still in good shape. Not sure? Does the cover feels heavier than it did when you first purchased it? Then, your cover is water logged and not insulating properly anymore. If you don’t take any actions on your cover you could end up spending way more than you bargained for your energy bill.  and With a new cover, you can relax knowing that your water is staying nice and hot and your energy bill is low.

Check out this automated cover from Covana. An alternative to your standard hot tub covers that ads privacy and security all-in-one. Plus, you will never have to buy another spa cover again.


Check your water levels

If you haven’t used your hot tub in a while (more than a couple of weeks) make sure to check your water levels. If the water level drops to low your pump and heater could shut down and cause the water to freeze and further damage your tub. If you have any questions give us a call 563.3848 or to schedule a maintenance visit.

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