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Lifespan of a hot tub

H20WxSep2014_0428_smThe lifespan of a spa depends on the quality of product, and the owner’s care. We have 20+ year old Hot Spring Spas brand spas still in operation outdoors in Alaska.

Something to keep in mind is that there’s weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks that you’ll need to do to maintain your hot tub. Don’t be concern, they’re relatively easy and don’t require that much time. However, it is important to complete these tasks on schedule.


1. Check and clean the skimmer basket of any leaves or debris. By just doing this one step you’re ensuring proper water flow of your hot tub.

2. Do a test strip! This is an easy step that only takes a minute or two and by doing so you can adjust the water pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness and sanitizer levels.


You should always check your filter. If it needs cleaning it’s as easy as spraying it with a garden hose. And make sure to remove any debris that may be stuck between the filter pleats.


Drain, clean the tub surface and refill. Both you and your tub will thank you for this quarterly step. 🙂