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Tubtop Model C – Fully Enclosed

A fully enclosed structure for maximum privacy & protection. Windows and doors are dark bronze tint acrylic glass .. allowing occupants to see out but greatly inhibiting outsiders ability to see in.

Model C includes:

  • Corrugated polycarbonate roof panels (8) with skylight (1)
  • Support legs (4) with attachment shelves (2)
  • Composite radius corners (4)
  • Rear mounted spa covershelf (1)
  • 3 enclosed sides with sliding doors (3)
  • 1 solid panel rear window wall (1)
  • Assorted connectors, hardware (boxed)

Features and Options

Sliding Doors (included)

Skylight (included)

Roof Structure (included)

Support Legs (included)

Interior, slider/ back wall (included)

Cover Storage (included)

Cover Shelf (included)

Spa Covers (option)

Extended Corners (option)

Deluxe Steps (option)

Double Doors (option)

Bar Shelf (option)

Bar Stools (option)

Coverlifter (option)