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4 Hot tub gifts for Father’s Day

Father’s day is tomorrow, and if you haven’t done anything about it yet…well, it’s still not to late. We’ve come up with 4 of the Waterworks top favorites accessories for your hot tubbing dad. We’ve got something for every dad and all make great gifts for Father’s Day!!




1. The TowelBar. This is the smart, convenient way to keep towels close, clean and dry. And when he’s ready to get out of the spa his towel will be right within easy reach. When not in use the towel bar folds flat against the spa side.










2. The SpaCaddy. A handy, safe place where to place your iphone, beverage, book and much more. All that your dad needs when tubbing will now be within easy reach. The tray arm swings toward and away from the spa for easy access. At 27″ long and 19″ wide, it’s the perfect tray and not to obstructive.









3. The Waterworks Robe. This plush robe it’s the most plush terrycloth robe you’ll ever put on. He’ll be glad to own this robe especially when stepping out his tub in those cold winter months. The robe is available in sizes small – large.











4. The Connextion by Hot Spring Spa. Is your dad a techy guy? Well, the Connextion will be the perfect gift for him! It will allow your dad to stay in touch with his hot tub from anywhere and at anytime. With the subscription service he will have real-time information about the tub’s functions and it will even send alerts to us, if there’s ever an issue.