Get Ready For Your Spa: Ensure Clear Delivery Access

The last step before the big day is ensuring our team has clear access to your hot tub’s final destination.

We’ll need to make sure we have access to your backyard, for starters. Deliveries can happen whether or not you are home. Either way, ensuring clear access means having the gate open (or sharing a code) and guaranteeing no snow blocking the path to the delivery spot. This becomes especially important in the winter months, particularly when a little bit (or a lot) may be in your future.

If you have a furry family member, we ask that they are friendly or they watch the delivery from a different room in the house. We also ask that their “exhaust” be removed from the backyard.

If you are placing your hot tub on an upper deck that does not have access from the backyard, you’ll need to ensure you prep your home for one of the cranes to come in and deliver. It’s not likely that there’s a surprise need for a crane delivery, because you’ll typically cover this during your backyard consultation well before delivery. We have some videos to see how other customers have made it work.

If your space is only accessible on the second floor, we will need clear access to the inside of the house so our techs can be on the deck when the hot tub is delivered.

Each delivery situation is different, and we are here to help. We will work with you to ensure that, no matter how we deliver, your hot tub will be ready for you once the delivery and setup are complete.