Your Guide to the Ultimate DIY Alaska Backyard

When you think about your backyard, your feelings are somewhere along the spectrum of “Gosh, I have so much to do” and “I LOVE IT!”

Most of us are on the low end of that scale, and even if you love your backyard, you may still want to level up.

As Alaskans, we work hard, we play hard, and we are proud of the things we accomplish.

We also love to enjoy the good life, especially when we can create it with our own hands (or with a little help.)

With the rising popularity of HGTV and shows that teach us how to transform our spaces inside and out, more and more of us are learning about the joys of DIY. Moreover, with most of us focusing on how to maximize our spaces for better staycations, the options are endless.


The Ultimate DIY Alaska Backyard Guide

Our guide to the ultimate DIY Alaska backyard features the six main considerations every Alaskan planning to DIY their staycation will want to consider.


Hot Tubs

Of course, we think everything needs a hot tub in your backyard. (Did you expect anything different?) So even though the hot tub itself isn’t DIY, where you put it can be. 

Here’s the thing with hot tubs: they need a solid foundation under them. This can be pavers, a cement pad, or a deck with an appropriate load rating…and that’s where the DIY factor comes in. 

We have hot tubs of every shape and size, for every budget, and can furnish details on the load your deck will need to sustain. And, we have some models that are plug and play! More on that below.



Landscaping covers everything from a Master Gardener’s paradise to simply mowing the lawn on occasion. However, to have an Alaska backyard you love, think about what’s important to you. If your main goal is a place to set down a hot tub, factor that space into your landscaping plan, as well as what materials you’ll need to create a pad that will suit your needs for years to come. (Not sure what works, give us a call!)

If your focus is low maintenance, consider some gorgeous perennials like iris, forget-me-nots, or even a bleeding heart, in addition to some pavers and even gravel to cut down on the weekly (or twice-weekly) mowing.  If, however, you prefer bountiful produce or lots of beautiful blooms, you’ll want to put a little more effort into your plants. Just make sure you pay close attention to our growing season!



Few Alaskan spaces are complete without a deck of some kind. We love wood decks as well as some of the newer composite materials. And, if you’re a DIY kind of family, there is a ton of good information out there about how to create the perfect deck. If you are planning to  Remember, if you’re digging footings, it’s important to call before you dig. 



Tons of Alaska homes feature saunas, whether they’re housed indoors or out. Saunas offer Alaskans a great way to turn up the heat and relax year found. And, now, there’s a true DIY sauna option available to you. With over a dozen models and styles to choose from, we can ship the sauna directly to you to install wherever you choose.



Whether you choose to install hammocks, greenhouses, firepits, or simply some awesome deck chairs, choose accessories that fit your personality and style. And, if you’re planning on adding a hot tub to the mix, think about where you’ll stash the towels (maybe a super cool DIY towel rack is in the making).



For many of us, outdoor entertainment is fishing or hiking, and our backyards are for R&R. In this case, a hot tub, sauna, and firepit may fit the bill, especially if you consider than many hot tubs offer great audio upgrades. However, now could be the perfect time to add a DIY screen and projector for outdoor movies. We’ve got lots of ideas.


The Ultimate DIY Alaska Backyard Package

The Waterworks may not be in the business of building decks, but we know people who are and who we can recommend if you choose to focus your DIY efforts on other pieces. We are, however in the business of helping you unwind and relax.

And, so we’re putting together an incredible package for you that includes a hot tub and sauna and is something completely affordable.

In fact, you can get the ultimate DIY Alaska backyard started for 0 down, 0% interest for 12 months. Then balance rolls into 9.99% for120 months no early payoff penalty. (Reference plan #1129.)

With this plan, payments start under $200 a month, and you can get one of these awesome plug and play hot tubs or DIY saunas. Learn more here.


DIY Alaska Backyard Tuff Tub on Grass

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