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Caldera Utopia “Niagara”

If you’re looking for a spa that comfortably accommodates friends and family, seating seven adults, the Niagara hot tub is a crowd pleaser. Its power and size makes this hot tub model an exceptional performer and perfect for backyard entertaining.

Hot Tub Specs

Seating Capacity7 adults
Dimensions7’5” x 7’5” x 38”
226 cm x 226 cm x 97 cm
Water Capacity400 gallons / 1,525 liters
WeightDry: 995 lbs. / 450 kg;
Filled: 5,555 lbs. / 2,535 kg
Jets - 522 Euphoria® jets,
2 OrbiSsage® jets,
4 VersaSsage® jets,
2 AdaptaFlo® jets,
4 Euro-Pulse® jets,
38 Euro Directional® jets
Water Care SystemsFreshWater™ Salt System Ready**