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Are You Looking for DIY Sauna Kits in Alaska?

Luxury and spa-like experiences at home are now a lot more accessible. Our DIY saunas will provide endless relaxation and wellness for yourself, family and friends. Better yet, they allow you to transform your space and start sweating your way to better health.

Our DIY saunas are crafted using the best wood, clear cedar, and a mission to make wellness a convenience for any Alaskan. Peace, luxury, and wellness await. And since most DIY sauna kits can be assembled in a weekend, you can be relaxing in style in a matter of days. Get ready to experience peace from your home sauna. 

For the Doers: The Alaskan Way 

DIY culture is huge in Alaska. We get things done. We’re a state of doers. So it comes as no surprise that one of the most searched terms related to saunas in our state is “DIY saunas.” And, better yet, they’re perfect for customizing your home space. You can assemble your sauna wherever you see fit to enhance your space and unplug the right way. Quality leisure, convenience, and adventure are at your fingertips.


Our DIY Alaska sauna kits are delivered on a pallet so that you can take on assembly on your schedule. DIY sauna kits can be assembled with two people and minimal tools. You can take a virtual tour, or visit either of our store locations for your DIY sauna kits.

Get A Cedar Sauna the DIY Way

We use the best, top-of-the-line Canadian timber, giving a rustic look perfect for any Alaskan home or cabin. We’re sharing details on some of our most popular models. Plus, they all have a 5 year warranty, and are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

The Cedar Saunas:

The barrel sauna is unique and long-lasting. From the solid door frame to marine grade aluminum bands, comfort starts with quality.

The Cedar POD sauna allows you extra seating and can be heated using an electric or wood burning stove. 

Outdoor Mini POD saunas are perfect for your urban backyard, ski chalet or lakeside cottage. With lots of great upgrades they’re perfect for relaxation.


Building Your Retreat with a DIY Sauna Kit Starts Now

Your DIY sauna is about more than finding relaxation after a hard day of hiking, fishing, skiing, or snowmachining. It’s an investment in your health and wellbeing.

Building your retreat—and your wellness—with a DIY sauna starts now. With DIY Alaska sauna kits, once you assemble, you can recharge and replenish anytime you wish from the comfort of your background. 

We’re available to assist you with any questions you may have. Stop by either of our locations today. 

Have fun creating something you can enjoy time and time again. Relaxation and flexibility are right at your fingertips. Get a Sauna Now.