Your Nordic Spa at Home

A backyard Nordic spa can be yours with a modern alpine sanctuary in your home.

Whether you live in Big Lake, Willow, Chugiak, Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage…or anywhere in between, your personal spa experience awaits.

You can relax in the convenience of your home and experience wellness for life with a sauna and spa package designed to deliver luxury and heat no matter the season.

A Sauna for Northern Lifestyles

Whether you prefer traditional wood-fired saunas, infrared relaxation, or modern electrical heat, The Waterworks has a variety of sauna options for every space and home.

Install one of our DIY sauna kits at your cabin or in your backyard in a weekend so you can relax in the warmth after an epic day of snow machining, skiing, or fishing.

Or add a modern sauna to your home gym for dry heat therapy every day.

Ready to choose the perfect sauna for your life? Contact us to learn about our in-stock models or start shopping here.

A Hot Water Escape All Year Long

Whether you’re looking for hot water therapy for your family and friends, or a solo or couple’s escape, The Waterworks has dozens of in-stock hot tubs and swim spas to choose from.

And, we can put your hot tub in any type of well-suited location, including your second-story back deck, your custom garden room, or your backyard. We’ve installed hundreds of hot tubs via crane or forklift to ensure you have the perfect view while soaking.

Planning ahead to install your very own backyard Alaska nordic spa? You can reserve your hot tub now for delivery in the coming months. Start shopping now.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Nordic Spa for Your Alaska Home

Location. Location. Location. First, choose a location where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the hot tub or rejuvenating sauna experience. And if you’re not sure whether to put both your sauna and hot tub in the same place or in different areas of your home, we can help. Just ask us about our backyard consults.

Relax on your terms. What are your goals? How many people will use your home nordic spa at any given time? What is your wellness style? Our wellness evangelists and concierges can help you choose the perfect options for your home and lifestyle.

Accessorize. From aromatherapy to the perfect soft robe, choosing the right accessories to maximize your relaxation ensures the best experience.

Build a routine. Find 20 minutes every day you can spend relaxing and rejuvenating. Building habits helps you make wellness part of your day-to-day activities.

Choose Your Nordic Spa at Home Perfect-Fit Package

Your perfect Alaska nordic spa can include a hot tub or swim spa and a sauna to give your family the gift of wellness all year long.

Contact us today to ask about our packages and we’ll help you choose the perfect options for your home. Let us help you make every day better.