Springtime in Alaska – 10 Ideas to Enjoy “Spring“ in the Last Frontier (and save money!)


Friday, March 23rd, 2018

It’s Springtime in Alaska and instead of the cliché views of blooming flowers and cherry blossoms, Alaskans gather a different experience of “spring.” For us, there’s an uptick of sunshine and dry payment, but there’s also a bounty of slush, ice, and eh-hem “treasures” revealed by the melting snow. We may not enjoy the same scenic strolls down fragrant sidewalks as our Lower 48 counter-parts but we do have some unique springtime opportunities. We hope you can use these ideas for yourself. (And save some money while you at it!)

Happy Spring!


The Waterworks

Stella the Super Dog | The Waterworks Spas and Saunas Stella the Super Dog! PC: Kali Tucker
1. Enjoy the extra sunlight.
Take advantage of extra light by enjoying a short walk or outdoor activity. This is a great time to do a 360 check around your home for ice blocks or future spring maintenance. Bonus! It’s also a great source of vitamin D!
2. Set a wellness goal.
Even though we’re past the New Year, it’s never too late to start thinking healthy. Setting wellness goals, especially during summer when physical activity is more likely, helps keep your health on track and can improve your overall quality of life.
3. Create a summer reading list.
Save some sunscreen and stick your nose in a book. Whether it’s a hardcopy or your favorites on your digital tablet, reading helps keep the mind fresh and sharp. Stick to a theme or be adventurous with your list. Check your local library or meetup.com for book clubs. If you like to solo read, consider purchasing a new throw pillow to accentuate your reading experience.
4. Spring clean. Don’t forget your hot tub too!
Most spring cleaning lists contain mopping, scrubbing and window cleaning but did you also add ‘clean the hot tub’ to the list? With temperatures above 40°, now is a good time to do a drain and refill. Regular cleaning keeps longterm maintenance costs down and improves your hot tub experience. Rather have our valet techs do it for you? Request for Valet Service here.
5. Sow seeds for success.
Spring is a great time to start your seedlings indoors. In a few weeks, warmer temperatures and extra light will help grow your seedlings gradually without artificial UV light. Rule of thumb is to wait until after Memorial Day to plant outside but it’s never too early to start your crop indoors.
6. Visit a local greenhouse.
Alaska’s gets the short end of the stick when it comes to springtime greenery but take advantage of greenhouses that have worked hard to grow and start plants. Enjoy the fresh humid air and be inspired for your summer gardens or landscaping projects. The Alaska Botanical Garden is also always a treat to visit if you’d rather just enjoy indoor greenery.
7. Purge. Clutter be gone!
Declutter those closets and untangle those garages. You’ll probably discover where you hit all those gardening tools or your favorite fishing lure!  If you plan on doing a garage sale this summer, start to organize your inventory. Create a spreadsheet in Excel or get free software from Google sheets to track items and prices. Consider donating gently used goods or clothing or even donate a portion of your garage sale earnings.
8. Organize dishware and kitchen drawers.
The lids, twisty ties, random knick-knacks hidden in your cupboards. You know they’re there you pretend they’re not. (But they won’t let you forget.) Free up space and save your future self from a container – purgatory.
9. Plan summer activities.
A lot of Alaskan tourist destinations are starting up for the season and offer early bird specials. Take advantage of pre-season discounts and plan your summer activities now. Northern lights coupon book is always an Alaskan favorite or just contact the vendor directly and ask what current specials they have going on. The Grey Whale migration is always a local early season favorite. Tradeshows are also a good source of discounted fishing trips and  accommodations booking.
10. Prep your vehicles for the long-haul.

As we all prepare to get busy with our summer fun; fishing, camping, hiking or plotting our staycation escape, make sure your vehicles have their annual maintenance. Replacing air filters and properly aligning tires can save you money on fuel. Get a tune up before you add on extra miles. Same rule of thumb will work for your hot tub. You’ll be able to recuperate faster from summer fun in a hot and ready tub! 

Have any more to add? How do you celebrate spring? Comment below!