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Wellness is at the core of what we do. 

The finest hot tubs to stand up to Alaska’s climate, and we help Alaskans just like you relax in them every day. 

When you join the Waterworks family, you reward yourself with so much more than a reinvigorating hot tub, sauna, or swim spa. You receive our commitment to helping you regain your relief, your reconnection, and your relaxation. The end result? An exceptional ownership experience that reaffirms your choice in every interaction.

Whether you need our help identifying the perfect tub for you, a backyard consultation, water care assistance, we want to be who you turn to when it’s time to rediscover your RE.


The Waterworks Story

Today, our locations in Anchorage and Eagle River are a beacon for spa and sauna lovers across Alaska. They insist on working with us because the Waterworks stands for genuine service, an inviting atmosphere, and a superb array of products tested specifically for the harsh Alaskan climate.

Our Early Days

When The Waterworks began, Jimmy Carter was president, ABBA was rocking the radio waves, and polyester bell-bottoms were the height of fashion. 

That was the national scene. However, the 1970s in Alaska looked very different. 

The beginnings of the Alyeska Pipeline and oil production in the Cook Inlet prompted many, including our own Tim Bennett, to flock north for work. With his photography degree and hard-hat diver training, Tim was a shoo-in to prime Cook Inlet’s oil platforms for operation. 

Tim Bennett diving | The Waterworks Spas and Saunas | Serving Alaska Since 1976
Tim Bennett Diving

Tim and his wife, Linda, made Girdwood home. Soon Tim was developing underwater camera systems that could take photos in the zero visibility Cook Inlet waters, using Girdwood’s first Redwood Hot Tub to test equipment.

Once fellow Girdwoodians found out about the hot tub, they wanted their own. Tim and The Waterworks crew built Redwood Hot Tubs well into the mid-1980s until “portable” hot tubs became the new norm. 

Tim and Linda wanted to keep their clients happy and after much research, they found a company that had created a portable hot tub worthy of Alaskans, a Hot Springs Spa.     


Now, we’ve been working with Hot Springs and their related lines for over 35 years. Many of our clients from those early days remain part of the Waterworks family and have gone on to purchase their second and third hot tubs from us. 

As the list of happy clients has continued to grow because of our service, we have stayed true to our roots. believing that every spa and sauna owner becomes a part of the Waterworks Family. 

Bennett Family in a Hot Tub | The Waterworks Spas and Saunas | Serving Alaska Since 1976
Bennett family enjoying their hot tub circa 1990.

Today, the tradition continues. The Waterworks is owned and operated by the next generation, Tim and Linda’s daughter Kali.

The Waterworks continues to offer the highest-quality spas and saunas from Finnleo Saunas, Hot Spring Spas, Hot Spot Spas, Caldera Spas, and Freeflow spas. We still see the occasional Redwood Hot Tub.

Now that you know the whole story…welcome to the Family!

Please feel free to call us at 907-563-3848,

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Waterworks Team

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