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Want to know about SilkBalance?

Silk_Balance_Ad_varSilkBalance is an advanced water conditioning for your hot tub. The product comes in two sizes: 38oz. and 76oz. easy to pour bottles.

The 76oz. bottle will last you roughly four-six months, depending on your hot tub size and number of time you use your it. The other great thing is that this product is designed to deep clean your spa pipes, jets and plumbing equipment.

Here’s some of the benefits of using this product:

1. It will leave your water silky and soft

2. It will give you crystal-clear water

3. It will create an odor-free spa experience.

4. It will help maintain the neutral levels of your hot tub.

5. And it will make it super easy and simple for you to use it.


For more info: www.silkbalance.com