Should I Winterize My Hot Tub?

Should I Winterize My Hot Tub?

Have you noticed it getting colder?  Lots of rain and lots of wind are a common sign that our summer months are over and the autumn colors and weeks (days!) are upon us.  We need to face the facts that we are transitioning into winter months.

Fear not, Alaskans!  We are tough and this winter will be no different than any other.  

With all this talk of winter coming (winter is coming!), we are posed the question
“Should I winterize my hot tub?”
This is something that is completely up to you.  The bigger question is do you plan on using your hot tub during winter?

If you plan on using your hot tub more than once a week or even once a month during the winter months, it’s best to leave it on.  

It would be unfortunate if you had winterized your hot tub and decided that you wanted to hop in.  The heating process alone, depending on your hot tub efficiency, can take several hours to heat and also is dependant on the ambient temperature (is your hot tub inside or outside) and also your cover (the heat will have nowhere to go).

If you plan on not using it for a while and not being around, we do recommend you winterize it.  

Winterizing your hot tub is quite a process as you will have to empty it out, remove all moisture with a dry vac, remove pumps and filters, etc.  It’s a lot to do, close to three hours of work for most people, so if you’re only winterizing to save money, it’s not really worth the investment in time.  If you still want to do this and don’t want the deal with the hassle, you can call one of our techs to come down and we’ll be more than happy to do this for you.

We would rather keep our hot tub left on during the winter months and not mess with winterizing.  There is nothing like sitting in your hot tub in the backyard with snow falling and the steam raising up into the dark sky.  If that doesn’t say relaxation, we don’t know what does.

Stay cool hot tubbers!