2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Give Mom Wellness

Flowers and chocolates step aside. Hot tubs, saunas, swim spas are hot this season.

Give your mom the gift of relaxation and rejuvenation this season so she can unwind after a long day in her very own backyard oasis, surrounded by warm, bubbling water and soothing jets massaging her every muscle.

Treat her like the queen she is with a sauna. Whether she prefers indoors or outdoors, infrared or traditional, we have options to help her enjoy the benefits of sweating her way to wellness. Improved skin, better sleep, reduced stress, and increased circulation.

And for the mom who loves to exercise and stay active, our swim spas are the ultimate gift. She can swim laps or use the resistance jets to get in a full-body workout, getting the benefits of a big pool with the convenience and portability all while enjoying the convenience of a hot tub.

Or give her the gift of all three with a perfect Alaska Nordic Spa at home. Entry-level tubs and saunas starting as low as $88/month on approval of credit. Apply for financing now. (reference plan number 4129)

Every purchase of a hot tub, sauna, or swim spa before May 21, 2023 comes with a set of robes and an aromatherapy scent of your choice.


TidalFit Premium EP 14 Swim Spa

Relaxation and wellness on Mom’s terms.

The EP-14 is a midsized swimming spa from the Tidal Fit lineup providing in-place exercise with a high powered water current system. Swimming, walking or running in this swim spa is like taking one big, long lap around an endless pool. The zero gravity experience is gentle on joints and gives equal attention to all muscle groups.

Freeflow Tristar Hot Tub

Designed to fit into tight corners, this plug-and-play technology works in any location, indoors or out. With 17 strategically-placed jets, including wrist jets, it’s perfect for helping Mom rejuvenate and refresh.


Caldera Paradise Seychelles Hot Tub

Let Mom soak with her friends and family — or for some much needed solo time. The lounge is perfect for people of all sizes, including Thumbellinas. Featuring seating for up to 6  The Seychelles boasts a spacious interior, versatile seating and an ample footwell featuring the unique Euphoria® Jet massage and Sole Soothers®. With 43 hydrotherapy jets, this dual pump spa offers a powerful hydrotherapy experience.


2023 Hot Springs Grandee Hot Tub

Newly arrived, the 2023 Hot Springs Grandee, part of the top-of-the-line Highlife collection is large enough for the whole family so you can stay connected while relaxing. With a variety of relaxation heights for smaller and taller users and TWO double moto massage seats, this tub has something for everyone.


Pure Cube 5×7 Sauna

Mom will love relaxing in this traditional outdoor sauna all year long. A complex and stunning design that features a full glass door between the large window panels on the front wall. Revamp your outdoor entertainment area with optional semi-privacy panels that still feature the double-pane tempered glass with a fixed cedar grill on the outside.

Finnleo S-870 Infrared Sauna

This plug-and-play corner sauna combines great design with incredible space efficiency. With its 5-sided design and a footprint of only 52”x 52”, it’s ideal for two or three people and can fit into almost any space. Mom will love being able to control the sauna from her phone and that she can start relaxing as soon as it’s installed.

Help Mom Create Wellness Rituals She’ll Love

You’ve given your mom the gift of wellness, but the fun doesn’t stop there! It’s time to help her keep those good vibes flowing all year long with some fun and playful rituals.

  1. Encourage her to have a weekly “hot tub happy hour” with her friends, complete with some bubbly, snacks, and good tunes!
  2. Spice up her sauna sessions with some funky music, colorful lights, and aromatherapy oils to transport her to a zen-like state.
  3. Challenge her to a swim spa race or workout session – who says exercise can’t be fun and competitive?!
  4. Host a “spa night” with your mom, where you can both give each other facials, foot massages, and a good laugh!
  5. Make maintenance fun by turning it into a team effort – get the whole family involved in cleaning the hot tub, sauna, or swim spa, and reward yourselves with a fun activity afterward.

Looking for ideas on setting the stage for the perfect home spa experience?

Create a relaxation station with aromatherapy, towels, robes, and flip flops. Consider adding a mini fridge with mom’s favorite hydration or prosecco and juice.

With these playful rituals, your mom can enjoy her gift of wellness all year long, while having some fun and making memories along the way!