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10 Things That Are Better About Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

There’s nothing better than enjoying your tub on a crisp winter night beneath the northern lights.

Here are our top reasons for mixing swimsuits, sandals, and snow to love your tub all season long.

Enjoy Better Relaxation

Soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes helps us relax because it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. In fact, it offers similar benefits to meditation.

Experience Better Sleep

When we are more relaxed, we fall asleep more quickly and get a better, deeper night’s rest.

Better Release of Endorphins

Hydrotherapy, or the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage reduces stress hormones and releases pain-relieving endorphins. 

Say AHHHH to Better Joints

Water buoyancy reduces pressure on the joints, relieving symptoms of arthritis.

Better Recovery

Hot water immersion helps move lactic acid from muscles, reducing recovery time after an injury or workout.

Feel Better About Your Mental Health

When we feel better physically, we feel better mentally. Time in the hot tub can help mitigate the winter blues and effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Experience Better Cardiovascular Health

Warm water (94° to 104°) immersion makes the muscles you use to breathe work harder by a factor of 60%, which helps build endurance for your cardiovascular system.

Better Fresh Air (despite winter temps)

Who wants to get bundled up in the winter? Enjoy the beauty of the season from somewhere very warm.

Better Connections

 Hot tubs give you an opportunity to step away from daily distractions and connect with the people in your life, whether friends or family.

It’s Better For Your Hot Tub

A body…err…tub in motion, stays in motion. The more you use your tub, the better it performs. You’ll stay up on the minimal needed maintenance, and will notice

We would be hard-pressed to choose just one favorite reason we love hot tubbing in the winter, so we’ll turn that over to you. What’s your favorite thing about using your hot tub in Alaska’s winter months?

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