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Yoga and hot tubbing

There’s more to hot tubbing than just sitting in your hot tub. Here’s some ideas of things you could be doing while hanging out and relaxing in your hot tub. 


Hot tub yogaMaybe you’ve been thinking about starting a (hot) yoga class. What better way to start than in your spa. The hot water relax your muscles and increase your flexibility and will get you ready for some yoga poses. Check this great book to get you started.








This is such a simple step to incorporate into your daily/weekly tubbing routine. Give it a try next time you’re soaking. Just take 5 minutes, take deep breaths and focus on how the water feels against your skin and any other subtle sensation. You’ll walk away with a clearer mind.








Life to hectic to find the time to finish that book you started a while back? Here’s a great way to to take that book back up. You’ll be warm, in a great sit and away from all distractions. Worried about the book getting wet? Placing your book in a zip-lock bag will make any book waterproof.