How Hot Tubbing Leads To Healthier Work Habits

This article was first published online on the Caldera Wellness Blog

If you toil away your work weeks sitting at a computer day in and out, then you know the hazards of a sedentary life. Your mind may be active, but your body? Not so much. While morning exercise helps stimulate brain cells and get the heart pumping it’s not always easy to fit in a morning run or gym workout. Enter the hot tub.  No, seriously, enter it. I do nearly every morning—wafting spa steam hits my pillow-creased face before the sun is up most days. After just 20 minutes I emerge from the hot tub rejuvenated and ready for battle.

Besides loosening and unstiffening my body, morning time in the hot tub helps me start the day focused on being healthier. And while I am still (mostly) sedentary at my desk all day—there’s no getting around that—I stick with a few healthy rules habits that keep me alert, engaged, and relaxed at work.

Do you want to feel happier and get more done at the office? Start the day in your hot tub and, like me, you might naturally gravitate towards adding healthier habits at work. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Pack Healthy Meals

Before you head to the office, eat a wholesome breakfast that will give your body the fuel it needs to be productive. If you run short on time, take a liquid meal on the road. No, not coffee with cream and sugar—that’s not going to cut it. I’m talking about smoothies. Here are a few of my favorite smoothie recipes that provide just the right mix of nutrients and energy to keep me fully fueled all morning.

For lunch, pack it in (that’s backpack speak for take it with you). Bringing a lunch to work not only gives you more control over what you put in your body, it can also be a lot easier on your pocketbook. Get into a healthy lunch routine with these quick and easy recipes.

Head to the Water Cooler

Even the slightest bit of dehydration can cause fatigue – almost nothing chokes creativity more than a parched body. Drink up to keep the ideas flowing. Try keeping a reusable water bottle at your desk, and challenge yourself to drink the recommended daily water intake (13 cups for men and 9 cups for women).


Break up the Day

Too much focus on the same task can lead to brain drain just as too much multi-tasking can lead to lack of focus. It’s a vicious cycle. Either way, what’s important is that you take a break. Schedule it on your Outlook calendar if that helps remind you to get up, move around, take in some fresh air, or simply refocus.

  • For eye strain relief, follow the 20/20 rule. Every 20 minutes, take 20 seconds to focus your eyes on something in the distance. Not only will this keep your eyesight from deteriorating, you’ll have a little time to let you mind wander and refresh.
  • Schedule a walking meeting. A quick walk with a colleague is a great way to brainstorm ideas while getting in a little exercise. Just remember to keep comfy shoes at the office!

Stay Well

No one wants to sit through the day feeling achy, stressed or worried about catching the next office illness. To stay well both mentally and physically, here are some tips to consider:

  • Practice Ergonomic stretching
  • Wipe down your desk, phone and computer monitor with disinfectant towels
  • Do a few of these Breathing exercises
  • Increase your daily dose of vitamin-C, especially when coworkers start showing signs of sickness or complaining about a throat tickle (no one wants to fall victim to a nasty cold!)

What are your healthy habits? Do share. We’d love to know how you stay healthy and motivated for a productive day at work. Please share with us in the comment section below.