Have an Airbnb? Here’s how a hot tub can heat things up for your Alaska vacation rental

The vacation rental market in Alaska is competitive. And it’s no wonder. With gorgeous natural surroundings and a slew of outdoor activities to choose from, an Alaska vacation is the top spot on many travel bucket lists. So, how do you make your Airbnb stand out, without breaking the bank? Simple. Add the luxurious amenity that your guests are already looking for. 


You Can Increase Rates and Bookings with a Low-Maintenance Hot Tub, Sauna, or Swim Spa

According to airbnb.com, the top amenities guests search for in an ideal vacation rental home include a pool and a hot tub. And, these additions prove to be real money makers. Properties with amenities like these typically charge 20-25% more than properties without. 

Also, guests who reserve rentals with these amenities usually book longer stays. So, you’ll be making more money with less guest turnover. 

And the good news is, with low-maintenance options and great financing options, you can get a huge ROI on your hot tub, sauna, or swim spa investment for years to come. 


Why Guests Seek Out Saunas and Hot Tubs 

People don’t just want to feel comfortable in your Alaska vacation rental,. They want to get the true Alaska experience, and better yet, a way to pamper themselves during quiet days or downtime so they feel energized when they leave. 

Put yourself in your guest’s shoes. Imagine that you’ve spent a busy day outdoors: fishing, hiking, snowmachining, or skiing. You return to your rental home in the evening, tired with aching muscles. You step into your hot tub or sauna for a luxurious soak or steam. 

Finally, you begin to relax as you reflect on the memories you made that day…and begin to dream about tomorrow’s adventures. You feel yourself unwind: you’re on vacation.  


Create a Customized Alaska Nordic Spa Retreat in Your Alaska Vacation Rental

You can provide your guests with this personal spa experience. And it’s closer than you think. Whether you choose an all-in-one self-contained sauna, a low-maintenance hot tub, or both, you can often finance these for less than the cost of a few nights’ rentals. 

By giving guests amenities that rejuvenate their bodies and soothe their souls, you can ensure they leave your home feeling refreshed…and excited to return or refer friends.

Wondering which Alaska Nordic Spa options are best for your vacation rental retreat? We’ll spell them out below.


Hot Tubs: The Perfect Escape 

The wellness benefits of a hot tub will provide your guests with the relaxing escape they desire. Hot water therapy creates a soaking haven perfect for melting away all worries. And, this type of relaxation has proven health benefits, too. Hot water therapy can lower blood pressure, improve sleep quality, and even aid in muscle recovery. 

At The Waterworks, we offer a wide variety of hot tubs perfect for every space and setting. From cozy hot tubs for two to larger spas with seating for up to ten people, you can give your guests the gift of relaxing hot water therapy…and the chance to bond with their travel companions. 

Saunas: A Dream Retreat

To create a private oasis where guests can unwind with a good sweat, try a sauna. We offer both dry heat and steam sauna options. No matter what type you choose, both offer extensive health benefits including reduced stress and an improved immune system.

We offer a variety of sauna options for your property. For example, we carry traditional wood-fired, far-infrared, or modern electrical heat saunas. There’s even a DIY sauna kit available — shipped on a pallet, it’s perfect for any location. This is a great option for Hillside retreats, Girdwood chalets, Valley lake homes, or Kenai riverfront properties. Or, if you have a remote boat-in or fly-in property, these make a perfect way to heat up any stay. 

No doubt, adding a luxurious low-maintenance sauna to your property will make it more desirable without adding extra work for you between guest stays.


Swim Spa: Fitness and Wellness Together

If you’re looking to provide guests with a home gym and a hot tub all in one, this is for you. Our swim spas offer the wellness benefits of low-impact exercise along with a safe place to play. 

Swim spas provide the perfect place for swimming, rowing, or jogging. Or soaking of course… With a swim spa, your guests don’t have to leave your property to enjoy therapeutic exercise to stretch out and relax after adventures. And, we know that the right spa investment varies based on your needs. Give our wellness evangelists a call to find out which swim spa is best for your property.


The Waterworks: Wellness Professionals for Your Alaska Vacation Rental and Home

Ready to create a relaxing oasis on your rental property? We can help. At The Waterworks, we’ve been Alaska’s top relaxation experts for over 40 years. Family-owned and operated, we’re ready to help you transform your short-term rental into a luxury backyard basecamp for your guests. 

We offer an in-stock selection of quality hot tubs, saunas, and swim spas to choose from. And, we provide personalized, friendly service to answer all your questions.


Bring Your Guests Wellness and Relaxation

Bottom line: a hot tub, sauna, or swim spa makes your Alaska vacation rental property stand out. These unique amenities offer your guests a chance to unwind and reconnect with one another indoors or out. It is these luxurious escapes that will transform your rental property into a vacation retreat. 

Upgrade your rental property today with a hot tub, sauna, or swim spa. And give your guests the relaxing vacation experience that they crave. Contact us to create your Alaska Nordic Spa vacation escape today.