The Waterworks Policies


This policy must be accepted prior to service commencing. 

  1. I give The Waterworks’ technicians permission to enter my property to provide service to my spa or sauna.

  2. I understand that I must provide a credit card prior to The Waterworks providing service. After service is complete for the day, all parts and labor rendered will be charged to the credit card on file.

  3. I understand that I must provide clear, sanitary access for the service technician to perform work (examples include but are not limited to: paths to service area shoveled and free of deep snow, removal of dangerous ice from stairs and other pathways, removal of animal feces (pet and rodent) from the area, problem pets kept away from technician at the time of service.

  4. I understand that the service technicians may need to use electrical outlets and a water spigot, and that I am responsible for any electrical or water usage costs.  I will immediately notify The Waterworks if water or electrical will not be available. I will not hold The Waterworks liable for any damages to plumbing or electrical inside the home, including, but not limited to any flooding or water damage.


  1. I understand that The Waterworks service charges are based on a Service Call Fee and Hourly Labor Rate.  The Service Call Fee fee includes travel and fuel to get a service technician to a client’s property. The Hourly Labor Rate is billed in 15-minute increments.  Parts are billed accordingly. A 25% cancellation fee will be charged for reservations canceled with less than 24 hours of notice.
  1. If service is not completed or parts need to be ordered, we refer to the job as a Continuation of ServiceContinuation of Service outside of Anchorage and Eagle River are subject to a Return Visit Fee in addition to the Hourly Labor Rate.

  2. Should a related problem arise within 7 days of completed service work, additional service will be considered a Continuation of Service and billed accordingly.  If problems are reported on the 8th day, then a new service request is issued and a new Service Call Fee will be applicable.
  1. When non-stock special order parts are required to complete the job, The Waterworks will notify the client through e-mail with a labor and parts estimate, which is valid for 7 days.  Special order parts must be paid in full prior to ordering and will be charged to the credit card on file upon approval . 
  1. Leak repairs:  If initial diagnostics deem the leak inaccessible, The Waterworks will provide a written estimate for repairs and a Lift and Dig Policy. All Waterworks leak repairs include a 30-day parts and labor warranty.

  2. The Waterworks reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.The Waterworks is not bound by any oral expression or representation by any agent and oral agreements made must be made in writing to be valid. 


  1. It is the client’s responsibility to keep the spa from freezing.  
  1. Should weather conditions prohibit scheduled service, The Waterworks will do its best to reschedule.

  2. The Waterworks is not responsible if the pipes or spa freeze while waiting for service.  If a service technician needs to thaw a frozen spa or secure a spa that is not heating properly until new parts can arrive, they will use a Cube/Bucket Heater Combination. When these systems are installed, clients must check on the spa daily, not use the spa, and immediately contact The Waterworks if any concerns arise.

  3. Winterization:  The Waterworks can provide winterization services (similar to RV winterizing). The Waterworks makes no guarantee or warranty and retains no liability for any damage caused by winterizing the tub. Any future repairs are the client’s financial responsibility.  


  1. The Waterworks provides a 30-day labor warranty on all services rendered that begins on the date of install.

  2. Travel and fuel to location not included.

  3. Parts replaced under retail warranty are subject to a Service Call Fee and Hourly Labor Rate for installation. Call for a copy of your hot tub, sauna, or swim spa warranty.

  4. For new products, please refer to your manufacturer warranty, which includes only parts and labor on location, not travel or fuel to location.  Service Call Fees and Fuel and Travel Costs to Location will be invoiced at time of warranty service.

(updated 1/9/2024)