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Buyers guide to the perfect fit

With so many spa models to choose from here’s a few tips to help you decide. How will you be using your new tub? Will it be an intimate place for you to renew and relax or a place to gather with your family and friends? By answering this simple question it  will help you narrow down the options…how many seats will your hot tub need to have?

When in the store it is totally acceptable to go ahead and sit in the display models, it will help you and give you an idea on the fit of the spa. However, the best test is the “wet test”. We’ll set up a private appointment for you to ‘test drive’ the tub of your choice by sitting in it full of water, jets running…the whole works!  Only than can you really get a feel of the how the tub fits you and if it’s the correct depth for you. You wouldn’t by a car without driving it first, why would you buy a tub without trying it first?

Although budget might be a consideration, keep in mind that just because a tub is bigger it doesn’t necessarily means it will be more expensive than a 2+ seating tub. Features and amenities can affect the cost of each model.