Transform Your Vacation Rental into a Spa-Like Retreat With an Easy-to-Maintain Sauna

Fact: luxury amenities make your Alaska vacation rental stand out. And standing out is a good thing! When your property shines, you’ll be able to book more higher-paying guests for longer stays. One easy way to make your vacation rental pop? Install a sauna, and give your guests a steamy wellness oasis….right on your own property.

Embrace the Ultimate Nordic Spa Experience

Saunas deliver the high-end look and pampering feel that will turn your rental property into a relaxing vacation destination. With a wide variety of options and designs, saunas instantly create a clean, modern alpine spa feel for your visitors. But, it’s not just the look that is important. Saunas also provide the soothing escape that your guests are seeking while on vacation.  

There’s no doubt about it: saunas appeal to all types of vacationers. If your guests are planning the perfect Alaska getaway and want to hike, ski, or fish (or something else entirely), saunas provide the perfect way to restore sore muscles after a long day of activity. 

And, if your guests simply want to unplug, unwind, and reconnect with loved ones, saunas offer the perfect solution. There’s nothing like a good sweat to clear the mind and purify the body. 

Panoramic View Cedar Barrel Saunas give your vacation rental guests a sauna with a view. With a round barrel shape and ana tinted dome window, you can capture Alaska's finest views while improving your health.
Panoramic View Cedar Barrel Saunas give your vacation rental guests a sauna with a view. With a round barrel shape and ana tinted dome window, you can capture Alaska’s finest views while improving your health.

All of this–the pampering, the relaxing, the rejuvenation for your guests–it’s all within your reach. How? We offer a full range of indoor and outdoor sauna options that your guests are sure to love. And, our financing options make this luxurious amenity affordable with a return on investment that will keep giving for years. For less than the cost of a few nights’ rentals, you can get a soothing steam oasis that attracts high-paying guests and keeps them coming back for more. 

The Waterworks: Sauna Experts

At the Waterworks, we’ve been helping Alaskans unplug, relax, and rejuvenate since 1976. We’re specialists in designing the perfect backyard basecamp with hot tubs, saunas, and swim spas, and we’re ready to deliver and install the right sauna for you. 

Choose from steam and dry heat sauna options for your vacation rental, whether you’re lakeside, riverfront, or in the mountains. We can even deliver the perfect sauna to your remote, fly-in location! And because saunas can last 20 years or more with minimal upkeep, it’s easy to offer this amenity to your guests.

Here’s a rundown of saunas that are sure to heat up your guest list, fast:

Traditional Indoor Sauna: A Steamy Wellness Haven

Create pure relaxation inside your vacation rental by installing a traditional sauna, a wood-lined room perfect for pampering. A traditional sauna creates hot, steamy air to provide your guests with a rejuvenating escape without leaving the house.

Our indoor saunas can be built virtually anywhere inside your vacation rental. So turn your master bedroom into a European spa escape with a cozy sauna for two, or give your home gym the complete treatment with a steamy sauna perfect for relaxing those muscles pre- or post- workout. We have whatever you need to create the ultimate indoor relaxation station.

The Vita Sauna. A sauna room loaded with luxury—perfect for a vacation rental with limited space without limiting the features.
The warm, cozy look of pure luxury with Finnleo Vita Sauna.


Indoor Infrared: Dry Heat Relaxation

Give your guests the gift of relaxation with dry heat through an infrared sauna. In this type of sauna, dry heat warms the body directly through infrared light. Even though the heating method is slightly different from that of a traditional sauna, the result is the same: rejuvenation provided by a good sweat.

If you have limited space indoors, no problem. Pre-built saunas provide the perfect relaxation experience for one or two guests. Or, if you want to create a larger indoor infrared retreat, there are roomier options with extended seating.  

Finnleo has expanded its portable I/S offering by adding a 5 person IS565 InfraSauna. The IS565  (62″ x 74″ x 80″) is large enough to seat up to 5 adults, or two adults lying down, making it perfect for any vacation rental.
Ahhh….. full body heat relaxation for the whole family with the Finnleo Hallmark IS565.


Traditional Electric Outdoor: A Backyard Retreat

Picture this: your self-contained panoramic barrel sauna positioned at the end of a boardwalk to create a dramatic, intimate destination. Outdoor saunas perfectly complement your pool or lakeside property—your guests will be able to indulge in a good sweat before or after a cool swim nearby. Nothing is more refreshing.

On a deck, patio, or other well-suited backyard location, saunas encourage socialization with others as well as providing a personal retreat. We can install your sauna for you, or you can even do it yourself with one of our  DIY sauna kits that we’ll deliver on a pallet. 

Not sure where to put your outdoor sauna for maximum enjoyment? Contact us for a free backyard consultation.

The Georgian Cabin Sauna, part of the Canadian Timber Collection, is handcrafted by Leisurecraft from Eastern White Cedar that is lighter in colour and has tight knots in the wood.
Imagine adding this private Canadian timber Georigian cabin-style sauna to your vacation rental property.

Rest Assured: Your Sauna is Secure

Worried about hot tub poaching when your vacation rental isn’t occupied? Vacation rental owners in destination and resort communities like Girdwood often deal with headaches like this. However, saunas are less likely to have uninvited guests. Why not? Because saunas are either secure inside your vacation rental or can be easily secured outside. 

Adding a sauna to your short-term rental property can be profitable, affordable, and safe. The hardest part is deciding what model to buy. And that’s where our team comes in.

Start Heating Up Your Reservations Today

At the Waterworks, we’re relaxation experts who love talking wellness. Contact us to schedule a one-on-one shopping experience. Together, we’ll find the right sauna investment for your vacation rental property.