Why You Should Include a Sauna in Your Backyard Retreat

This content was originally posted by Finnleo Sauna on 3/20/21.

With the official spring season arriving this weekend, now is the time to start planning your backyard retreat. A retreat you can escape to from busy life and just be present; relaxing and enjoying company with family and friends. A place to be care-free and enjoy the beautiful outdoors and nature without leaving your home.

Below are some ideas for you to start thinking about how you can add a slice of paradise in your own backyard:


Backyard living can be greatly enhanced with an outdoor sauna. With an outdoor sauna, you will be able to enjoy your backyard not only in the spring and summer, but in the fall and winter too. It’s an all-year enjoyment everyone can appreciate.

Regardless of the size of your yard, or whether you’re located in the city or country, you can certainly strategically fit an outdoor sauna in your space.



Sauna and Swim is the ultimate backyard experience. Consider adding an outdoor sauna to a nearby pool or hot tub. When you have a sauna located near water, you will get an early start to the swim season. When the water is cooler in the non-summer months, sauna bathing prior to a swim will make the water feel more enjoyable and provide a true hot/cold therapy session. Enjoying the deep, gentle heat of the sauna followed by a cold-water plunge, is a therapeutic and enjoyable experience for all ages. Having an outdoor sauna will greatly enhance your water experience!



For the ultimate backyard escape, it is nice to have privacy so you can feel totally at ease. Define your outdoor area and block unwanted views by adding fences, a pergola, or trees and layered plants to make a natural hedge.



Add plants, shrubs and/or trees to your backyard to make a natural inviting place to spend time for relaxation. Mix in different heights of plants to create layers and texture for a visually appealing scene. Low-growing ferns and hostas are ideal plants for the shade and can create a nice borderline to areas as well. If lack of space hinders you from landscaping, consider adding a planter outside of your sauna for a touch of nature, such as a large green fern or a mix of assorted annuals for a pop of color.



Consider having seating nearby the outdoor sauna for multiple purposes. Patio furniture can be used for entertainment, relaxing and serving outdoor meals. Seating near the sauna can also be used for post-sauna cool-down. If nighttime has fallen, your warm body will appreciate the cool air while taking in the sounds of the evening.

Start planning your own backyard escape by using some of these ideas and you soon will be enjoying a beautiful place for entertainment, personal and family healthy living and much-needed R&R—all at your home!