What Are The Best Pools for Alaska?

On hot summer days, everyone wants a heated pool to swim in. However, with such a short summer season, many Alaskans find themselves with just that — swimming pool dreams. Know this: your Alaska pool dreams don’t have to stay on your vision board. Alaskans can benefit from amazing outdoor swimming pools year-round. At this point, you may be wondering — what kind of pool is best for Alaska?


The Best Pool for Alaska

While in-ground pools are popular in the Lower 48, they are much less common in Alaska. To that end, it’s extremely uncommon to find outdoor pools up here. With only a handful of days reaching the 80s or higher and a relatively shallow frost line, traditional pools are not as practical up here. Moreover, most people shy away from the extensive construction needed for such a short summer season.

However, hear this, Alaskans, you CAN have an incredible pool even if you have limited space and want to use it year-round. Swim spas, or cabinet-enclosed pools like Endless Pools and TidalFit, adapt to your available space and deliver countless hours of fun and exercise.


Your Workout Awaits

A pool, a hot tub, and an aquatic gym, all-in-one, swim spas are the perfect pool for Alaskans. Offering an enclosed space with plenty of room for your workout without the footprint of an in-ground or indoor pool, swim spas meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts and families seeking fun and relaxation.

A wide variety of professional and amateur athletes choose swim spas for their at-home training, citing convenience, endurance training, and swimming against a current as top reasons. 


The Perfect Low Maintenance Alaska Pool Requires Minimal Construction

While traditional pools require time-intensive maintenance, your new swim spa delivers a low-maintenance experience that maximizes your time and investment. What’s more, your swim spa requires no significant construction (unless you want it). You’ll only need electrical hookups, a cement pad, and water delivery.  

Best of all, your swim spa is up to temperatures all year long, which means that you can enjoy summer temps all winter long. 


How to Choose A Swim Spa

The best pool for you depends on how you will use it. Are you interested in a swim spa for exercise, family fun, relaxation, or a blend of all of them? How many people will be using your swim spa? How tall are the people who will use your pool? And then there’s your budget — how much do you want to spend?

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