Five Hydrotherapy Benefits from Endless Pools®

Hydrotherapy has become increasingly popular as awareness to the benefits of hydrotherapy versus traditional, land-based therapy come to light. Through products such as the Endless Pools Original model, you can achieve unique results by harnessing the soothing, healing properties of water.

While land-based exercise is the more conventional choice, those who step inside a pool enjoy a variety of clear advantages that can decrease injury risk as well as offer alternative workouts.

picture of Dr Terry Wahls doing Endless Pools aquatic therapy
“I love my pool. I have so much fun with it,” says Dr. Terry Wahls, and that’s not how most people describe therapy! Dr. Wahls put an Original pool in her home back in 2000. Ever since, it’s provided her with convenient pool workouts for her multiple sclerosis symptoms. Watch Dr. Wahls discuss aquatic therapy.

It is important to remember that pools aren’t just for swimming. While many gain outstanding results from the ability to swim in their Endless Pools model, aquatic therapy can meet the needs of swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

Here are five distinct benefits to water exercise that you can achieve with the assistance of an Endless Pools installation.


Depending on water depth, body weight can be reduced up to 90%, greatly reducing joint stress and pain you may experience outside the water. While gravity can make land exercise daunting or even impossible for some, the buoyancy—or upward force—of water will support you and provide an ideal, low-impact workout setting.

a physical trainer uses the Endless Pools WaterWell for aquatic therapy
Why does this professional physical therapist turn to the Endless Pools WaterWell for aquatic exercise. Water provides a uniquely healing environment for a range of exercises that, due to injury or ailment, may be difficult or impossible on dry land. 


Water will naturally put up a fight and resist movement, providing you with a strenuous workout. Endless Pools also offer swim current and hydrotherapy jet options that enhance resistance. Rather than deal with heavy weights and complicated machines outside of the pool, utilize the natural resistance of water to strengthen your muscles in a safer, more versatile environment.

picture of aquatic therapy in an Endless Pools swim spa
“My balance has been better, without a doubt,” Mark says. “It’s been remarkable.” He uses resistance bands as part of his Parkinson’s therapy routine in his X500 swim spa. As a bonus, his wife and granddaughters love the swim spa too! Read more about Mark’s healing journey.


The warmth (Endless Pools can be heated up to 90 degrees) of water can enhance your therapy, relaxing your muscles and increasing blood flow to your muscles and joints, providing you the opportunity to improve your flexibility. Develop a greater range of motion to maintain your ability to complete everyday tasks.

picture of swimming in the Endless Pools Dual Propulsion pool
Why did Sara and Terry choose our Dual Propulsion pool for their pool house? “We designed it so that we could use it together,” she says, “and so that I could swim with others.” Terry swim as recovery for his spinal cord injury. See more photos of their stunning pool house.


Break free from the limitations of land exercise. Inside any Endless Pools model you can swim, run, jog, walk, stretch, work on balance, practice aerobics, and more. The freedom of a low-impact, low-stress, safe environment will allow you to rehabilitate, train, exercise and regenerate your body.

5. FUN

Ever wonder what it would be like to look forward to your exercise routine? Swimming, running, walking, stretching—any type of exercise in the pool takes on a unique, fresh feel when immersed in water. In the crystal clear, soothing water of an Endless Pool, you’ll enjoy your workout and feel good about yourself as you work toward your goals.

picture of a boy with Down syndrome and autism doing Endless Pools therapy
“This is a godsend,” says Rory’s mom about their RecSport swim spa. Rory has Down syndrome and autism. “He doesn’t have interest in much of anything,” she says, but he can spend “two hours just playing and jumping in the water!” Read about Rory’s home aquatic therapy.


Endless Pools creates experiences and builds exceptional products to deliver them. For home and commercial use, our complete line of pools, swim spas, and accessories reimagine the power of water. Endless Pools products are used daily in over 100 countries for family fun, therapy, fitness, and swimming. Established in 1988, Endless Pools is now part of Watkins Manufacturing Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Fortune 500 company, Masco Corporation (MAS).

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