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Is Your Deck ready for the new arrival?

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You are thinking of taking the plunge and buying a hot tub but…don’t know where it’s going? We have put together a list for you to think about, that will make the process enjoyable and less stressful.


Where will I put my new hot tub?

Maybe you’re thinking of placing your new hot tub in a private and remote area of your property away from the house and not in view of neighbors. Although that may sound like a great idea, here’s a few things to think about:

  1. Easy and close access will translate into more use. The farther away it is from the house the less likely you’ll be to want to walk “all that way” in the middle of winter.
  2. There will be a higher cost of running the electrical wiring the farther away you go from the house.
  3. If you’re still thinking you want to go that route, you’ll want to make sure there’s enough delivery path from the road to the space you’ve chosen.


What do I need so the site is ready?

Did you know that a hot tub can weigh between 2,000 and 8,000 pounds when it’s full of water; and even more once you had people. This leads us to the next topic: foundations and decks. You want to make sure that the place you’ll be setting your spa on is leveled and preferably a foundation made of concrete, crushed stone/pea gravel base, pavers or a deck with adequate structural support to hold the extra weight you’re about to place. We have partnered with Treeline Construction, and a little snow won’t stop them from building your deck.


Can I put the hot tub on my current deck?

If you already have a deck, before you can place the hot tub on it, you want to make sure that your existing deck is structurally able to support the weight of the filled hot tub (plus maximum number of hot tubbers). Give Treeline a call, they’ll be able to set up a consultation and answer all your questions.

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