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Does your hot tub have dandruff – white flakes?


Were you enjoying a nice soak recently and then noticed white flakes floating around in your hot tub? Your tub has dandruff…how can that be?! I know what you’re thinking, they look gross and you just want them gone.
To be able to get rid of them we first have to look at are the most likely causes of the white flakes. As soon as you spot them either in the water or hovering by your drain, you need to act fast before the problem becomes even worse. There’s one of two reasons you have white flakes: 1. calcium scale deposits and 2. bio-film growth from white water mold.

You should know that calcium scale is the main reason for the white flakes. The flakes will appear when you have too much calcium in water (i.e. hard water). As the calcium accumulates guess what…white flakes will appear.

Onto the second reason for the white flakes, mold. Your spa, with its moist environment and if you’re not taking care of your hot tub; not use it for extended periods of time; and, not clean it properly that’s when you’ll have mold grow. This mold will results in the white flakes.

What it comes down to is hot tub care. Part of owning a spa is the regular test and cleaning. So, take care of the water and make sure it’s clear, clean and safe to use.

Check out the spa care guide for routine maintenance:

Spa Care guide

Happy Soaking!

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