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Top 10 Reasons to Own a Hot Tub

There are many reasons to own a hot tub these days.  Whether its for health purposes, family time, or simply a leisurely lifestyle, the benefits are tremendous.

We’ve compiled these 10 reasons you should own a hot tub.

  1. Stress Relief – We all know this one.  Hot tubs help promote relaxation. When you’re immersed in hot water, your muscles become less tense and you release stress as a result.  Can you imagine releasing your stress every time you get in?  This is an obvious first choice.
  2. Sleep – Another big one for us is that it helps us sleep.  Studies have shown that raised body temperatures that cool down naturally get sleepy. If you have a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep, try this out and get into bed after your soak.
  3. Pain Relief – Hot water helps chronic pain like arthritis and fibromyalgia.  The hot water will help relieve the inflammation because of the circulation that it promotes.  This is also good practice for those who play sports.
  4. Breathing – Have you ever stood in the hot shower when you’re sick and just let the steam clear up your sinuses?  Yeah, this is the same principle but x9000!  The hot water from your hot tub will help break up anything that could be inhibiting your breathing which, in turn, will allow you to take bigger, deeper breaths.
  5. Immune System – Did you know that immersing yourself in a hot tub will help stimulate white blood cell growth?  These white blood cells play a significant role in keeping you healthy so the more the better!
  6. Detox – When you immerse yourself into the hot tub, the body will begin to sweat and this will help remove toxins from the body.  Not only that, but it will help your skin improve by opening up your pores.
  7. Hydrotherapy – Hydrotherapy is known to help people who are recovering from injuries and/or surgeries.  The increased blood circulation caused by your hot tub will improve blood circulation around the affected area for a quicker recovery.
  8. Stretching – Hot tubs can increase circulation, warm your muscles and increase your flexibility. You can further enhance your flexibility by doing some simple stretching while you soak each day.
  9. Personal Reflection Time – We have all had those bad days where we just want to get away from it all.  For many, our hot tubs are our sanctuary where we can melt away our stress and reflect on the day.  
  10. Amazing views of the sky – For those of us hot tubbers who have our tubs outside, we are often granted an amazing view on clear nights (if you don’t live in a heavily light polluted area).  If you love star gazing, this is one of the best ways to view.  Think about it…sitting in an amazing hot tub viewing those amazing stars.  Now where’s my wine?