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Hot Tub Water Care

Water Care

Now that you have your hot tub home, it’s time to maintain the water!  If this is your first hot tub, your first time doing maintenance or you just need a quick tip on water care, this article is for you!

These basic hot tub chemistry tips will keep your spa running great while keeping that water clean, which everyone appreciates!

First thing, and this is soWater Care Tips for Alaska Spa | The Waterworks Spas and Saunasmething that should be left unsaid but it has to be said, make sure your spa is clean before you fill it with water!

Clean water in the spa is a good foundation!  You’ll have to use less chemicals to clean and your filter will thank you (so will your wallet!).


Next you will want to use a test strip to see if your water needs certain chemicals or minerals to get the water optimized.  Once you get your readings, you may need to add chemicals.  You’ll want to add one chemical at a time while only putting in minimal amounts (you don’t want to overdue it!). Because the chemicals and minerals are very sensitive, you don’t want to use household chemicals to clean hot tub or anything near it.  This could throw off your pH and you’ll have to start all over again.

Next you’ll want to shock your spa.  No this doesn’t involve any sort of electricity, it’s actually an odorizer that will kill all the waste in your spa left from other bathers.  This will keep your water clean and clear.

Once you’ve cared for the water, you’ll want to look at the filter.  The filter will catch foreign material and it’s important that you clean this out.  How often you clean this out will be determined by how often you use your hot tub.  The more you use it, the more you’ll have to clean but if you use it regularly, we recommend once every two weeks.  

These are really basic water tips for your hot tub and we hope you keep looking back for these helpful tips.

Stay cool, hot tubbers!


Bonus Tip!
To maintain your hot tub cover clean it regularly! Dark, wet places tend to be prone to mildew left unchecked. To avoid such unpleasantries, we recommend you wipe your cover down with just a little diluted bleach, less than a teaspoon for 2 cups of water. Use a clean cloth and wipe any additional moisture once you’ve cleaned the cover.  You should do this every month or when necessary.  This should keep your cover clean and smell free while keeping unwanted bacteria out of your hot tub.

Hot Tub Water Care