Health Benefits

Can a Hot Tub Help You Fight the Common Cold?

This article was first published online at Winter chill and fatigue can be challenging enough without the added stress a common cold can cause. Cold symptoms can last a week or more, but there is one tactic you can use to feel better, and you won’t find it in your medicine cabinet: Soaking in … Read More

Hot Tub Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

This article was first published online at A hot tub offers the perfect opportunity for you and your family to take some time out to relax and connect with each other. While high-quality home spas are designed to be simple to use, certain precautions should be taken to ensure a safe soak. At-home hot … Read More

What are the Benefits of a Salt Water Hot Tub?

This article was first published online at For centuries, people have traveled to hot springs to bathe in the mineral-rich waters and experience their restorative powers. These hot springs are prized for their ability to improve health and wellness in a relaxing and natural way. Now you can enjoy those same transformative properties without … Read More