January: Easy, quick tip

For wintertime soaks Bring out a dry cotton rug or bathmat to set on the top step. When you step out after your soak, step on the dry mat before slipping into your slippers. This keeps the ice from building up on the step , and keeps soakers safe. After donning your robe, pull the … Read More

Sean Siegel, owner of a Grandee NXT hot tub, has many reasons why he loves his hot tub. Time to himself is just one of them.

There’s more to hot tubbing than just sitting in your hot tub. Here’s some ideas of things you could be doing while hanging out and relaxing in your hot tub.  Yoga Maybe you’ve been thinking about starting a (hot) yoga class. What better way to start than in your spa. The hot water relax your … Read More

With so many spa models to choose from here’s a few tips to help you decide. How will you be using your new tub? Will it be an intimate place for you to renew and relax or a place to gather with your family and friends? By answering this simple question it  will help you … Read More