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Get Ready For Your Spa: Ensure Clear Delivery Access

The last step before the big day is ensuring our team has clear access to your hot tub’s final destination. We’ll need to make sure we have access to your backyard, for starters. Deliveries can happen whether or not you are home. Either way, ensuring clear access means having the gate open (or sharing a … Read More

Coordinate Water & Electric for Your Spa Delivery

With your backyard consult complete and your space ready to go, it’s time to coordinate your water and electricity. Not all water in Alaska is created equal. Even if you live in the municipality of Anchorage, you may not have the same water as the people that live across the street.. If you live in … Read More

7 Hot Tub Water Conservation Tips

This article first appeared online at Whether you’re eco-conscious or just trying to save a buck, seeking ways to conserve water is good for the planet and your savings account. The world has gotten hotter and dryer, and our water resources are diminishing. So, we owe it to ourselves and to Mother Nature to … Read More

7 Ways a Hot Tub Can Change Your Life

This article was first published online at Shopping for a hot tub? This decision can truly change your life. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. And we’ll prove it in the 2 or so minutes it takes to read this blog! To determine the real value of a home spa, weigh the cost of … Read More

How a Hot Tub Can Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

This article was first published online at We’re in the part of “New Year’s resolution season” where people are starting to abandon their resolutions and falling back into old routines. People have been hitting the gym, dedicating more time to family, changing their diets, and doing any number of other things to better themselves … Read More

The Importance of Staying Hydrated for the Hot Tub Owner

This article was first published online at Most people know hydration is important to health. While there isn’t much science supporting the “8 glasses a day” adage, we know water is essential to our well-being. The human body is 50% to 75% water. It’s true what they say: Water is life! Dehydration happens when … Read More

What is the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

This article was first published online at When you choose a spa from The Waterworks, you’re not just buying a hot tub, you’re making a long term investment in your health, vitality, and well being. Like any piece of fitness equipment, your hot tub will provide maximum benefit when you use it regularly. When … Read More

Hot Tub Safety Tips for Your Home and Family

This article was first published online at A hot tub offers the perfect opportunity for you and your family to take some time out to relax and connect with each other. While high-quality home spas are designed to be simple to use, certain precautions should be taken to ensure a safe soak. At-home hot … Read More

How has the pandemic affected hot tubs? Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Back in March, when we started to shut down because of the pandemic, we all thought it would be short term. Clearly, that’s not the case!And, it’s led to some very interesting trends in homeownership and vacationing. Now that as we’re all spending more time at home, we’re investing those vacation budgets into our homes … Read More