The cost of operating a hot tub is much less than a dinner for two at one of our nice local restaurants. With the spa completely insulated like a thermos,  and energy saving like the quiet pumps to filter water 24/7, the most energy is used when you are actually using your spa and the … Read More

Draining and cleaning your Hot Spring Spa

You’ve got to love YouTube. We found this great video that shows you how to drain, clean and refill your hot tub. Great reference guide if you’re in the middle of your cleaning project and need some assistance.   (Video provided by Tool Dude Tony)

Here are 3 tips to help you detox when using your sauna. 1. Always bring a bottle of water with you (preferably a glass bottle. Plastic bottle have a tendency to release the BPA with heat). The heat will dehydrate your body and you want to continue replenish all that fluid you’re loosing. 2. Have … Read More

We are very excited to announce that, in the March/April issue, the Consumers Digest has named (for it’s 3rd year in a row) the Aria spa has the Consumers Digest BEST BUY! The Aria being “an exceptional value in today’s highly competitive marketplace”. This is a great 4 person spa with really strong jets and … Read More

Here’s our twist to a great inspirational quote we saw on Pinterest today.  

You may have finally decided that you and your family are ready to invest in a hot tub. The next logical question is: “do I buy an new one or trying to find something used on craiglists?”. You should never buy a used hot tub unless the owner has it full of water and the … Read More