Spring Back from the Winter Blues

Try our Top 5 Ways to Kickstart a Healthy Springtime The air is crisp, flowers are beginning to bloom, and days are slowly getting longer. It’s starting to feel like springtime! The beginning of spring can sometimes feel like the end of a long hibernation. It can be difficult to pull yourself back into your … Read More

Your Nordic Spa at Home

A backyard Nordic spa can be yours with a modern alpine sanctuary in your home. Whether you live in Big Lake, Willow, Chugiak, Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage…or anywhere in between, your personal spa experience awaits. You can relax in the convenience of your home and experience wellness for life with a sauna and spa package designed … Read More

Are You Looking for DIY Sauna Kits in Alaska?

Luxury and spa-like experiences at home are now a lot more accessible. Our DIY saunas will provide endless relaxation and wellness for yourself, family and friends. Better yet, they allow you to transform your space and start sweating your way to better health. Our DIY saunas are crafted using the best wood, clear cedar, and … Read More

How to Choose a Hot Tub That’s Right for You

This article was first published online at HotSpring.com   Using a hot tub can be relaxing, enjoyable, and can provide health and wellness benefits. But making the decision to actually buy one can be difficult. Hot tubs can represent a significant financial investment, and with so many different brands and models out there, it can … Read More

Facebook Google+ Twitter LinkedIn We’re ready for the show! Kenai, Alaska By: The Waterworks This weekend is 39th Annual Home Show Presented by Kenai Peninsula Builders Association and Spenard Builders Supply. We’re packing just what our friends may need (water care supplies) and a few surprises! Buy a hot tub with our special home show … Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Hot Tub

There are many reasons to own a hot tub these days.  Whether its for health purposes, family time, or simply a leisurely lifestyle, the benefits are tremendous. We’ve compiled these 10 reasons you should own a hot tub. Stress Relief – We all know this one.  Hot tubs help promote relaxation. When you’re immersed in … Read More

Were you enjoying a nice soak recently and then noticed white flakes floating around in your hot tub? Your tub has dandruff…how can that be?! I know what you’re thinking, they look gross and you just want them gone. To be able to get rid of them we first have to look at are the … Read More

Here are 3 tips to help you detox when using your sauna. 1. Always bring a bottle of water with you (preferably a glass bottle. Plastic bottle have a tendency to release the BPA with heat). The heat will dehydrate your body and you want to continue replenish all that fluid you’re loosing. 2. Have … Read More

Here’s our twist to a great inspirational quote we saw on Pinterest today.