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Creating the Ultimate Hot Tub Haven for All Five Senses

This article was first published online at   What’s the secret to elevating your hot tub experience from good to great? At The Waterworks, we believe it starts with immersing yourself fully – not just in warm bubbling water, but in a mindful experience that engages all five senses! Read on to discover how … Read More

Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas for Every Budget

This article was first published online at Your backyard is the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, a game of catch with the kids or an evening of stargazing– and that’s never been more true than right now. With travel plans on hold and many of our usual activities suspended, the … Read More

Your Guide to the Ultimate DIY Alaska Backyard

When you think about your backyard, your feelings are somewhere along the spectrum of “Gosh, I have so much to do” and “I LOVE IT!” Most of us are on the low end of that scale, and even if you love your backyard, you may still want to level up. As Alaskans, we work hard, … Read More

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® is a unique technique only available with the Caldera Spas brand hot tubs. This routine creates the ultimate hydromassage experience, targeting the various points throughout your entire body. From seat to seat, custom jets aim at specific muscle groups to produce the highest tension relief. With varying speed settings, you can control … Read More

Easy Hot Tub Water Care

Great Water Care = Great Spa ExperienceUse our handy reference guide to help maintain your hot tub’s water care. Follow the basic steps or use our free personalized water care service.Shower Before UseShower before soaking – This helps reduce body oils in the hot tub.Test OftenTest your sanitizes before and after use. Also check Alkalinity … Read More

When Should I Replace My Spa Cover?

Your spa cover is more than an attractive accessory. It’s also has the very important job of holding in heat when your spa is not in use, helping to reduce energy consumption and keep energy costs low. The cover also prevents excess evaporation, helping you conserve water, and it prevents debris and objects that could … Read More

Sleep Better

Why do I sleep better after a soak in the hot tub? Many people struggle to wind down completely at the end of the day, in order to get a complete and restful night of sleep. In fact, in his groundbreaking book, Undoing Perpetual Stress, Dr. Richard O’Connor makes a solid case that the human … Read More