ACE Salt Water

If you own a Hot Spring Spa, did you know that there’s a way to keep you in touch with your spa even when you’re not home. Hot Spring Spas has come up with NEW Connextion which allows you to stay in touch with your hot tub from anywhere and at anytime. With the subscription … Read More

Enjoy peace of mind knowing the optional ACE Salt Water System is creating the sanitizes you need to keep spa water sparkling — even if you haven’t given water care a thought. Only Hot Spring offers this automated, low-maintenance saltwater system that enhances the quality of your spa water. Here’s a simple diagram showing you … Read More

By switching to the ACE System, your spa water will last longer which means you don’t have to drain and refill your spa every 3-4 month each year. With proper care it means that the drain and refill can be done every 12 months…you’ve got to love that. As you know changing your hot tub … Read More