Hot Tubs

10. Check your filters 9. Check your water levels 8. External Protection 7. Use a spa blanket 6. Clean off your cover 5. Regular use 4. Use tie down straps for high wind 3. Keep your circulation going 2. Keep your heat up 1. CLEAN YOUR FILTERS Winter Care Details  Clean your filters! Dirty filters … Read More

Overwhelmed with options? It’s an exciting journey to purchase a hot tub. A road to rest and relaxation for you and your loved ones. With a hot tub, the world seems still and tranquil.  Let our Experts help. With over 40 years of hot tub sales and service, The Waterworks offers a deep knowledge of … Read More

If you’re heading out of town for the holiday, for a few days or few weeks, remember NEVER turn down the temperature setting of your tub. And NEVER NEVER shut it off. You may safe a little on your electric bill but cold end up paying a higher price for repairs. Give us a call … Read More