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Soak, Sweat, Swim 30 – January 2024

The first 15 days of any New Year’s Resolution are easy. It’s after that you sink or swim. Enter the 2024 Soak, Sweat, or Swim 30 Challenge. We’re challenging you to better health. Who: Anyone in your family. Everyone in your family! What: Spend 20 minutes soaking in your hot tub, sweating in your sauna, or … Read More

Your Nordic Spa at Home

A backyard Nordic spa can be yours with a modern alpine sanctuary in your home. Whether you live in Big Lake, Willow, Chugiak, Homer, Soldotna, Anchorage…or anywhere in between, your personal spa experience awaits. You can relax in the convenience of your home and experience wellness for life with a sauna and spa package designed … Read More

Soak Or Sweat 30 – November 2021 Edition

As winter temps sneak in, we’re kicking off the hottest challenge of the year — a soak or sweat challenge. Who: Anyone in your family. What: Spend 20 minutes soaking in your hot tub OR sweating in your sauna every day.* When: November 1 – November 30, 2021 Where: Your hot tub or sauna. Why: … Read More

How Can I Boost My Immune System This Winter?

This article was originally published on the Caldera Wellness Blog. Small changes to diet, lifestyle and daily habits can boost your immunity this winter. Spending time in your hot tub may be one of those daily habits. It’s part of a holistic approach to wellness with significant positive benefits. Just 20 minutes a day in a … Read More

Help Me Sleep!

This article was first published online at A bad night’s sleep can leave you groggy, unfocused, and unable to be your best self the next day. When insomnia continues for months or even years, what was once a mild inconvenience can become a debilitating condition. Millions of Americans suffer from sleep loss, and many … Read More

How a Hot Tub Can Help You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

This article was first published online at We’re in the part of “New Year’s resolution season” where people are starting to abandon their resolutions and falling back into old routines. People have been hitting the gym, dedicating more time to family, changing their diets, and doing any number of other things to better themselves … Read More

Why You Need a Hot Tub for Winter Stress Relief

This article first appeared at Winter is a time of widespread sniffles, stiffness, and stress. Winter stress is a unique product of reduced sunlight and our bodies’ natural inclination to slow down and conserve energy in colder temperatures—all while society continues to buzz at its normal pace. Strains on our health also tend to … Read More

The Importance of Staying Hydrated for the Hot Tub Owner

This article was first published online at Most people know hydration is important to health. While there isn’t much science supporting the “8 glasses a day” adage, we know water is essential to our well-being. The human body is 50% to 75% water. It’s true what they say: Water is life! Dehydration happens when … Read More

What is the Ideal Hot Tub Temperature?

This article was first published online at When you choose a spa from The Waterworks, you’re not just buying a hot tub, you’re making a long term investment in your health, vitality, and well being. Like any piece of fitness equipment, your hot tub will provide maximum benefit when you use it regularly. When … Read More

Hot Tub Therapy for Neck and Shoulder Pain From Too Much Time with Tech

This article was first published online at Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives that for some, it’s starting to take its toll on their physical health. If you’re like many people, you spend hours a day hunched over laptops, tablets and other devices with your shoulders rolled forward, straining your eyes … Read More