What Does a Hot Tub Do for Your Body?

What Does a Hot Tub Do for Your Body?

This article was first published online at HotSpring.com   If you’ve spent any time shopping for a new hot tub, you’ve probably heard a lot about how good hot tubs are for your health. But apart from being relaxing and soothing, many people still wonder, “What does a hot tub actually do for your body?” … Read More

10 Things That Are Better About Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

10 Things That Are Better About Using Your Hot Tub in the Winter

There’s nothing better than enjoying your tub on a crisp winter night beneath the northern lights. Here are our top reasons for mixing swimsuits, sandals, and snow to love your tub all season long. Enjoy Better Relaxation Soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes helps us relax because it balances the sympathetic and parasympathetic … Read More

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy

Hot Tub Circuit Therapy® is a unique technique only available with the Caldera Spas brand hot tubs. This routine creates the ultimate hydromassage experience, targeting the various points throughout your entire body. From seat to seat, custom jets aim at specific muscle groups to produce the highest tension relief. With varying speed settings, you can control … Read More

Hot Tub Hand & Wrist Exercises

We’re always about sharing great tips. You’ll find this week tip about wrist and hand exercises, especially perfect if you suffer from Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. These hand and wrist exercises are great to help you increase finger, hand, and wrist mobility and range of motion.     Another great place to look for … Read More

More Health Benefits to Hot Tubbing

Spending time in your hot tub has become more than a luxury this days but a highly pleasurable experience with several health benefits, too. Plus you’re probably the envy of the neighborhood.  Here’s 5 reasons soaking is highly beneficial for your health and well-being. Circulation When you step into a hot tub the heat of … Read More

Be proactive in your health and…

Work, kids, house projects…the list goes on. And by the end of the day you may be left with aches, pains and stress. Owning a hot tub now-a-days is more than a luxury it’s a necessity, especially as our lives get busier and busier. It might be just what the doctor ordered to help you … Read More

Tubbing in hot days to stay cool!

As we Alaskan are not used to this hot summer days, the idea of going for a soak may seem not the thing to do. But as crazy and contradicting as it may sound, your hot tub can help you stay cool during our warm days. Make sure to turn your spa temperature to 99-100 … Read More

“We Live Dry…We Recover Wet”

Check out this great video from our vendor, Caldera Spas. Thank you Caldera and Scott Iverson for a great video packed with lots of good information, totally worth the 3 minutes. What would you rather do: turn up the thermostat in your house or jump into your hot tub? Knowing that water transfers heat 25 … Read More

Ahhhh…for hydromassage!

Maybe you had a rough day at work, or your muscles are tight from a hard workout. When you step into your spa and turn your jets on, 3 major factors happen to help you relieve all that tension: heat, buoyancy and massage. Working together they create an amazing relaxing hydromassage experience. Heat The 104 … Read More

Soaking and healthier work habits

If you own a hot tub maybe you already know this but a 15-20 minute morning soak will get you ready to tackle your day. You will step out of it feeling rejuvenated! The hot water will work magic on your stiff body and help you be healthier through the day. Just this one healthy … Read More